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  • Location : Sainte-Croix, Québec , Canada
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Dans le monde de Pluto-Intervenante canin


Hello everyone, I am a very passionate about animals.

My services are:

-daily walks

-educational walks

-kindergarten classes (puppy)

-Behavior therapy

-Playtime/babysitting at your home

-Basic obedience 1 & 2

-Help with adopting a future companion

When I handle your dog, I do so with respect for the animal, according to its limits and needs.

➡️ Behavior therapy.

Therapy aims to replace unwanted behavior.

➡️Obéissance base 1 and base 2.

Teach the puppy the 7 basic commandments to establish a clear and fluid relationship with your partner! 🐕

➡️Maternelle puppy

Between 2 and 4 months, I can teach your puppy obedience, socialization, dog language.

Looking forward to working with your canine companion

Breeders, post an ad here

Breeders, post an ad here

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New Litters

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