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Created in 2004, the site has been offering breeders (dogs, cats, horses, birds and other species) and those who offer animal services (grooming, boarding, activities, accommodation or establishment accepting animals) the opportunity to register one breeding or service free of charge on its site and its French version Eleveurs.ca

This site should help all animal lovers to find best breeders and services across Canada, France and the United States.

Breeders, for more details on how to register, see the review:


The choice of an animal is very important. That's why, before buying, you have to ask yourself some questions:

- For what purpose is it intended?

- Where to house him?

- Can I afford to maintain it?

- Which one to choose?

- Am I ready to commit for the rest of my life?

For more thought and preparation before buying an animal and meeting its breeder, consult the following review:


Which breed to choose?

You should try to select a breed category whose appearance, temperament and specific needs coincide with your lifestyle. After that, you will decide on age, size and gender.

Then, after determining the breed of the animal, check with the breeders of that breed, the character, temperament and specific needs of the animal, to ensure that they match your lifestyle.

A good breeder should be able to guide you in choosing the right temperament for you.


VERY IMPORTANT: Check with the breeder about the animal's warranty and Pedigree.

However, if you have any questions, you can consult the reviews on this site or contact us.

Classified ads can also be useful if you are looking for or want to announce (breeders members only) a new litter, a presence in a show or competition or even regarding the breeding of animals.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting this site.

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