This Web site should allow you to find the best breeders in all regions or cities anywhere in Canada

The choice of an animal is very important. This is why, before buying, you should ask yourself specific questions. 

  • To which purpose is it destined? 
  • Where will it stay? 
  • Can I afford to groom and feed it? 
  • Which one to choose? 
  • Am I ready to take care of it for a whole life? (According to its life's expectation.)

Which breed to choose? 

You must try to choose a category of breed for which its physiognomy, its temper and its specific needs meet with your life style.

Then, you will decide of the age, the size and the sex. Once you determined the animal's breed, verify with appropriate breeders the animal's personality, the temper and the specific needs so that they meet your lifestyle.

A good breeder should be able to direct you in the choice of the animal's temper that is suitable to you. 

VERY IMPORTANT: Verify with the breeder the animal's warranty and its Pedigree. Whoever, should you have questions, you may consult, on this Site, chronicles, FAQ or contact us.

Classifieds may also be helpful if you wish to find or sell (exclusive to breeding members) anything in regards with animals.

We hope that you will enjoy surfing through this Site.