Terms and conditions

By registering as a member on the www.breedersfinder.com site, you agree to respect the terms and conditions defined by BreedersFinder.com in this present section.

BreedersFinder.com remainsfree to modify and develop the terms and conditions at anytime. The announcement of such modifications will be forwarded to your member email address or will be indicated on the site. By not you responding to such announcement or by  using our services, you will indicate that you implicitly agree to the new terms and conditions.

By registering on BreedersFinder.com you agree that your your breeding, service or activity record may also be published on the French version of our site, Eleveurs.ca. BreedersFinder.com reserves the right to translate it in order to facilitate the proper understanding of your offer..

The last version of the Terms and Conditions will permanently remain available in this section.

 Members Registration

Becoming a member is free of charge for a registration for a physical or legal person concerning the breeding of a single breed or a service or activity for pets only, and per postal address is authorised.

Any physical individual, of at least 18 years of age, exploiting a registred breeding of animals (including a familial breeding) and free of guardianship may register as a breeding member on the site www.breedersfinder.com

When registering on the Web site you must provide us necessary information, including a valid email address.

A registration form is available at the home page by clicking on the link “Registration”.

After validating the registration form steps, you will receive a confirmation by email. We will then proceed with the registration validation as a member. If the registration is approved by BreedersFinder.com, your account will be activated on the site and your file will be made available for the general public.

It is formally forbidden to usurp someone else's identity or to falsify your own identity.

Éleveurs.ca will absolutely not represent nor guaranty the reliability of information posted by registered members.

You have the responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of the password you will have chosen upon registration and it is forbidden to reveal it to any third party whatsoever. You have the entire responsibility of any activity done on your account and under your password.

You agree to advise us immediately of any unauthorised exploitation of your account or your password.

Information Provided By the Member

As a member, you are responsible of any information you communicate and of the consequences of its display on our Web site.

By registering on the www.eleveurs.ca site, you agree not to perpetrate the following acts:

  • Display any information (text, picture, etc.) protected by a copyright, unless you are the owner or that the owner has given you the authorisation to make use of it;
  • Display any information which violates any other intellectual property or related to a third party's confidentiality or private life; 
  • Display any obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, full of hatred or embarrassing information towards any other breeding member, person or entity;
  • Display any picture or declaration of explicit sexual nature;
  • Usurp someone else's identity.

Conditions for registering and maintaining it on the Eleveurs.ca and BreedersFinder.com websites:

  • It is obligatory that the breeding be purebred and registered with an organization recognized in the country where the breeding is carried out and that reflects the quality of the breed.
  • No service or activity breeding sheet shall contain a solicitation for the sale of anything other than the fruit of the offered breeding, service or activity..
  • It is obligatory that there be a link accessible to customers to a Facebook page or a website kept up to date and dedicated to the breeding, service or activity owned by the member.

Your Account

Registered members are able to see and modify their account by accessing the area reserved to members.

Once your registration is approved, you will be able to modify your account and your personal information in the area reserved to registered breeding members, in the section “Your Account” in the www.breedersfinder.com.ca site by clicking on Identify yourself here!

This section is only available to members by using their user's name (email) and password.

If you have lost your password, click here


The www.breedersfinder.com Web site may contain inaccuracy and typographic mistakes. BreedersFinder.com does not make any representation as to the exactitude, reliability, sufficiency or pertinence of the Web site or its contents.

Éleveurs.ca may not be held responsible for the contents of third party's sites accessed by a hypertext link and does not make representation as to their contents or inaccuracy of contents displayed.

If you decide to access such Web sites, you will do so at your own risks.

WARNING: BreedersFinder.com only accepts registered Breeding that are subject to the permits and authorizations required in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in your country. BreedersFinder.com reserves the right to refuse or withdraw without notice any breeding or service and activity that does not comply with the terms and conditions of the site, where we are informed that the breeding or service, or activity does not appear professional, or that the animals are not treated with respect (including monitoring their health and the cleanliness of the premises). No refund will be made.


In the event of any infringement, on your behalf, of the present Terms and Conditions or if BreedersFinder.com is unable to verify or establish the authenticity of any information you provided when you registered on the Web site, BreedersFinder.com allows itself, to its own discretion, to take any necessary procedure granted by the law, including, without limitation, the deletion of information you may have displayed on the Web site as a member, and to terminate your registration immediately or deny access to the site and to any other services provided by BreedersFinder.com.