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How to register your breeding or service on BreedersFinder.com ?

  • 17 Dec, 2020
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Easy to register on Breeders.ca and BreedersFinder.com, and be a member of the most complete directory of purebreed breeders (dogs, cats, horses, birds and other species) as well as pet services (grooming, boarding, veterinarians, pet-friendly establishments) for pets. To do this, there are only a few normal steps to complete.

First, before registering you must in (see terms and conditions for more details) comply with the inscription conditions.


You meet these conditions, so let's move on to the next step:

  • First, you must open an account using the "Become a Member" button located in the center of the home page. 
  • You will have to make a choice according to the options presented to you, either become a Basic Member or a “Fidelity Member” with more advantages;
  • After that, you must open an account using an email address and then a password of your choice;
  • Once registered, complete the requested information concerning your contact details;
  • Once this step is completed, you will be directed to your "Dashboard" where you will select "Create a file".
  • A form will then open on which you can select the category of form you want to complete (Farm or service or activity);
  • You will then choose a sub-category (e.g. cat, dogs, other species, boarding, grooming, dog walker, etc.);
  • Then for the registrations concerning the breeding you will have selected the breed of this one

Finally, still on the same form:

o Write a description of your farm, service or activity;

o Add a photo (or several if you are a Fidelity Member);

o Enter your links to your Facebook page and/or website;

o Enter the email address by which you want the customer to write to you;

o Don’t forget to save your form in order to submit it for approval.

Registration conditions (summary):

  • It is obligatory that the breeding be purebred and registered with an organization recognized in the country where the breeding is carried out and demonstrating the quality of the breed.
  • No service or activity breeding sheet shall contain a solicitation for the sale of anything other than the fruit of the breeding, service or activity being offered.
  • It is obligatory that there be a link to a Facebook page or website maintained up to date and dedicated to your breeding, service or activity and which are your property.

Here you are, you are registered, and your form once approved will appear on both versions of our sites.

  • It is also possible for you when you complete the form to make an  French version of the same form by clicking on the button at the top of it (the information and photos will be transferred automatically), then translating your text and of course saving your French version form.

Ready to register? Follow this link : https://breedersfinder.com/inscription

We hope to have you as a member soon. And if you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us.

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