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Cat Educator - Cat Behavior consultant


Does your cat urinate out of its litter box? He attacks your dog, your cat or visitors or is aggressive towards you? He meows at night as if his life depended on it and wakes you up every time? Does he scratch your leather sofas and couches? Many cats are euthanized and abandoned each year for similar reasons, but the majority of these behavioural problems are easily resolved through our consultations, training courses and conferences.

The Cat Educator team uses its expertise and experience in feline behaviour when consulting in problem-solving and public education to ensure the harmonious development of the relationship between cats and their owners. Consequently, this helps to reduce the number of euthanasia and abandonments caused by behavioural problems.


  • Most important feline behaviour consultant services firm in Canada;
  • Owns a subsidiary in France;
  • Most visited feline behaviour Facebook page;
  • Referenced by more than 350 veterinary clinics
  • Renowned for its scientific rigourous approach
  • Courses certified by the Ordre des Médecins Vétérinaires du Québec and l’Association des Techniciens en Santé Animale du Québec.
  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Certified Living and learning with animal certified
  • Promotes LIMA methods (Least Invasion, Minimal Aversive)
  • CCAD certification for our Cat Educators in France (Certificat de Capacité pour les personnes exerçant des activités liées au Animaux de compagnies d’espèce Domestique

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