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As we are maintain very small numbers of breeding cats, we ensure they are able to enjoy maximum attention and love as family members.
Our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful kittens with sweet and loving personalities and to place our kittens in homes where they will receive the love and attention they deserve.
Maine Coons make perfect pets, with their clown-like personality, amusing habits and tricks.
Once you have been owned by a Maine Coon cat, you will never ever want another breed of cat!
They are truly special.

The Maine Coon is considered a native American breed that occurred naturally in the north-eastern areas of the United States and in north-eastern Canada.

Gentle and affectionate, Maine Coons make excellent pets and family members.

The Maine Coon cat is the largest of all pedigreed breeds. Known for its impressive size and outstanding personality, the Maine Coon takes three to four years to achieve full growth, with males averaging 14 to 18 pounds and females proportionally smaller at 9 to 13 pounds, though many have been known to be larger.

The Maine Coon has a medium-wide head with high cheekbones, a squarish muzzle and a strong chin. Their eyes are obliquely set, usually green or gold but sometimes copper.

They sport large ears that are wide at the base tapering to a lynx-tipped point that are set high on the head about an ears width apart. They feature striking, bobcat-like tufts that curl out to the sides of the head from within the ears.

The Maine Coon has a low-maintenance, semi-long flowing coat. The coat does not have a large amount of undercoat and has evolved with a large frontal ruff, quite short over the shoulders, heavy and shaggy down the back and sides, ending in beautiful pantaloons on the cat's hind legs.


One of the most impressive characteristics of the Maine Coon is its tail. Full at the base and tapering to a point with long guard hairs that flow when the cat walks, the tail has enough undercoat to make it bushy and full.

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