Pension Félin Insolite Board for cats


Pension Féline

2 Condos of 55 cubic feet fully furnished.

tower to climb
scratching post
litter box
bowls of water and food
Playroom with cat tree available.

20$ per day.
120$ per week.
50% discount for a second cat in the same condo (cats must already live together and get along well).


Basic vaccinations must be up to date, proof required.
Parasite protection mandatory upon arrival $ (advantage).
Owner must provide food and treats (to avoid digestive disorders).
The owner must provide the usual substrate for the litter box (to avoid stress and uncleanliness).
Daily outing.
Brushing of coat and teeth on request.
Welcome to cats with medication or special care (I am an animal health technician).

Breeders, post an ad here

Breeders, post an ad here

New litter, fair or competition, mating



New Litters

New Litters

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