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My dog destroys everything ! How to correct his behavior ? Chronicle by Johanne Parent, Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor certified and Caninebehavioral coach

  • 21 Dec, 2020
  • The Dogs

Chewing and shredding are essential needs for most dogs. It is a completely natural behaviour and is linked to the prey instinct. In nature, dogs sniff to follow their prey. He will chase it, catch it, kill it, chew it and shred it to ingest it.

The pet dog lives in a human family and hunting is prohibited. He must be friendly with rabbits, miniature pigs, cats, parrots.... in short he is unnatural and must live with animals that would normally be part of his prey.

The dog is fed in a bowl. It is bullied in its natural need to hunt and shred, which leads to the development of inappropriate behaviors such as destruction.

According to the explanations offered by Dr. Joel Dehasse, veterinarian and specialized behaviourist, the dog needs a minimum of 3 hours per day of chewing and feeding activity.  To achieve this, dog educators are increasingly talking to dog owners about offering the dog's meals in interactive toys because the dog has to work to get its kibble, or in chewing toys in which the kibble or raw food has been used.

To correct the situation with a puppy, use a crate or pen to limit accessible space and offer chew toys. Replace bowls with interactive games or toys to be filled with his food.


For an adult, destruction is a sign of discomfort, psychological distress or boredom. This distress is bad stress that causes anxiety. Chewing and destroying is one of the ways for the dog to decrease his stress level. As for the puppy, limit his accessible space and offer him chewing toys. Offer him meals in interactive games or toys to be filled. You'll also need to find the causes of his discomfort in order to treat the distress that makes him anxious. Consulting a professional who specializes in canine behaviour and, especially, anxiety would be a good idea to help you help your dog. Supplemental medication under veterinary prescription may also be necessary. Talk to your veterinarian.

Johanne Parent
Conférencière, Chroniqueur Animalier
M.C.P. Éducation & Élevage Canin
Dog Obedience Trainer/Instructor certified
Intervenante et Coach en Comportement Canin

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