• Member : Michelle Giguère / Rex de Cornouailles
  • Location : Granby, Québec , Canada
  • Phone : 450 991-2697
  • Web Site : http://www.rexpertise.ca
  • Social Media :
  • Record : CCC, CFA, CCA, TICA
  • Certification : Anima-Québec

Cornish Rex Rexpertise Cattery


We are a small professional breeding of quality Cornish Rex. We are passionate about this wonderful breed and wish to offer kittens of superior quality to allow enthusiasts to fully enjoy all the exceptional qualities that this unique breed has to offer. We believe that before breeding cats, we must ensure that we offer the quality and true standard of the breed, that our breeders are free of any congenital diseases that current technology allows us to detect by DNA and that we are able to find good permanent homes for kittens that leave our home.

We are in continuous training to stay abreast of new technologies and discoveries concerning the health and well-being of cats. We participate in competitions and exhibitions to validate the quality and standard of our breeders. We are certified Anima-Quebec, Genetics Plus. This ensures our customers that our cats are raised according to strict criteria in terms of their environment, socialization, veterinary care, and genetic disease screening. You would get a Rex cat from us, who behaves like a Rex, who looks like a Rex and has the robust health of a Cornish Rex.


- DNA-tested breeding cats against genetic diseases
- Certified cattery Anima Québec, Genetique Plus
- Family environment, kittens socialized with cats, children, dogs
- Two-year written health guarantee
- Free eight-week health insurance
- Kittens vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped, registered
- Starter kit (Mondou discount coupons, food, blanket, toys and more)
- Support from the breeder for the life of your cat

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Breeders, post an ad here

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New Litters

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