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  • Member : Josée Charlebois/ Rex Cornish
  • Location : Saint-Lin - Laurentides, Québec , Canada
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  • Record : TICA
  • Certification : Anima Québec
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Cornish Rex Félin Insolite Cattery


Are you looking for a healthy, quality Cornish Rex kitten that meets breed standards?

All breeding adults in my cattery are tested for the genetic diseases known to the breed.

Adults are ultrasonographed for screening for hypertrophic cardiac disease from the first year, an annual follow-up by ultrasound or Pro-BNP test is done annually.

DNA screening tests are carried out to limit the transmission of viruses, bacteria and protozoa in the farm.

The next generation (future breeders) is presented in cat shows to validate the conformity and quality of the breed's standard.

I am proud to have obtained the certification issued by anima-Québec génétique plus, which confirms that the facilities, care and testing are in compliance with animal welfare. (www.animaquebec.com).

The kittens leave at 15 weeks, vaccinated 3 times, dewormed, sterilized, registered with TICA (The International Cat Association), microchipped, with pedigree and complete health documents.

I am proud to be a member of the Cornish Rex Club of Canada / Club du Rex de Cornouailles du Canada, a Canadian breed club that is committed to the health and compliance of Cornish Rex produced in our country.

I have been an animal health technician since 1995 and I personally take care of the health and temperament of my kittens. I offer an excellent 14-day health guarantee for infectious diseases and 2 years for congenital and hereditary diseases as well as personalized follow-up.

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