• Member : Danielle Gauthier De Varennes/ Comportement Canin
  • Location : Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, Québec , Canada
  • Phone : 418 934-6511
  • Web Site : http://www.fidelecanin.com
  • Social Media :

Fidèle Canin - Training & animal behaviorist consultants


Home consultation for behavioural problems. Specialities: aggressiveness and canine fear.

Our intervention methods are based on the science of canine behaviour and are at the cutting edge of what is currently being done. We are in continuous training.

At Fidèle Canin, no physical force, no "no bad dog", no strangler. No stress and no fear. We work according to the principles of classical and operative conditioning. We also use techniques such as systematic desensitization, counter conditioning and environmental management.

We do not train but educate. No physical and scary punishment. No obedience but reinforced desired behaviour. No dog hierarchy and domination of your dog, but motivated communication and collaboration.

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Breeders, post an ad here

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