• Member : Anne Lise Paul/ Dressage et Intervenante en comportement Canin
  • Location : Terrebonne, Québec , Canada
  • Phone : 514 653-7919
  • Web Site : http://www.azca.ca
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Azca - Training & canin behaviorist consultants


We offer two completely distinct services: one for pet owners (dogs/cats), and the other for professionals in the animal world.

For dog education classes (kindergarten and adult) and home consultations (dogs or cats), we use simple, effective methods that are respectful of your pet and its abilities. We respond in a personalized way to your needs, thanks to our different programs, based on the most recent scientific research in Ethics, Experimental Psychology and Neurobiology. With more than 14 years of experience with animals (domestic and wild), field work, and numerous diploma courses, we are continually in a learning process to maintain and keep our knowledge up to date. We travel throughout the North Shore region of Montreal and Lanaudières.


When it comes to continuing education for professionals in the field (ASD, Veterinarians, Breeders, Educators, Groomers...), we offer several courses, training, conferences and workshops throughout the year. The majority of these events are given by world-renowned scientists (Ethologists, Veterinarians...). From a few hours to several months, many of the trainings are recognized by organizations such as the ATSAQ and the APCP. We also offer customized training services throughout Quebec.

Find us in the section that best suits your needs. It will be our pleasure to serve you and accompany you throughout the process. Animally yours!

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Breeders, post an ad here

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