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Centre Canin A. Lévesque Inc. - Training & animal behaviorist consultants


he company

Dog Center A. Lévesque inc. was founded in 1995. It has been serving pets for over 19 years. Our passion for animals and their well-being is at the heart of our concerns. The team is made up of a staff qualified in professional grooming and customer service as well as a certified canine educator who is a dog trainer, animal health technician and member of the Professional Association of Practising Behaviourists (APCP, formerly AIICA), which allows clients to find personalized service and competent personnel for their animals.

Canine Behaviour

A systemic approach, always with the aim of optimizing the relationship between you and the dog. Positive method, with relational techniques to harmonize the education and all the activities in your daily life.

Behavioural problems:

For several years now, the well-being and the relationship that owners develop with their dog has been at the centre of my concerns. I already work with several veterinary clinics. The majority of problems observed in consultations are relational.

The use of systemic therapy is: the human, the canine society and the intervener. Allows me to determine if the problem is relational or if the dog simply does not have the tools to deal with the problem.

Depending on the case, a single consultation may be sufficient. Otherwise, at the next meeting, a written intervention plan will be given to you with the exercises to be done to solve the problem.

- Dysfunction of communication
- Anxiety disorders (separation anxiety, hyper-attachment, ritual breakdowns)
- Destruction
- Hyperactivity
- Barking
- Aggressiveness
- Fear
- Interdog disorders
- Depression
- Self-injury, stereotyping
- Uncleanliness
- Coprophagy
- Bulimia


Private lessons:

You prefer a personalized service? Your dog listens to you but there are some little things that need to be corrected? We have what you need.

Take a package by the hour.

Bring us your question sheet and we will make sure to answer it.

Kindergarten for puppies

For puppies between 8 and 16 weeks old

The must-have for new puppy owners! The whole family is invited. You will be guided through all the problems that may arise in your daily life.
Are you already a connoisseur? Do it for him. One of the objectives of the kindergarten is to allow your puppy to acquire a beautiful impregnation to his own species and to prevent inter-dog problems. What a lot of fun you'll have watching them!

4 classes of 1 hour and 30 minutes

- 30 minutes of inter-pupil games at each class, to validate and optimize the maximum impregnation to his own breed (color, size, type of hair) and canine language.
- Important stage of social development and impregnation.
- Chewing
- Explain fears and how to react
- Prevention of anxiety disorders through detachment exercises as well as our arrivals and departures from home.
- Energy expenditure and benefits (theft of objects, attention-seeking behaviour).
- How to play with a puppy and safe toys.
- How to develop clear language with our puppy to prevent communication dysfunction.
- Introduction to walking on a leash (explorer)
- Tips for kids.
- Sitting
- Orientation exercise (come).
- Interactive games with the puppies in the room
(tunnel, ladder, car, balloon)
- Learn how to handle the puppy for examination and grooming.
- General feeding. How to read the label.
- Safety in the car
- Learn the basics of grooming, claws, ear care, first bath.

Basic I Course

10 lessons of 1 hour (first and second lesson without the dog)

Family class, group of 4 to 6 dogs with one trainer or 6 to 8 dogs with 2 trainers.
Positive methods where the relationship between you and the animal is recommended. Use of fixed collar, without strangler. Our goal is to help you in your daily life.

5 minutes of inter-dog games at the beginning of each class.

- Chewing
- Energy expenditure via profits (object theft, barking, hopping for attention)
- Dysfunctional Anxiety
- Behavioural disorders
- Soothing gestures
- Impregnation and emotions in the dog
- Sitting
- Layer
- Walk on a leash
- Remains
- Command "come" / critical area
- Command "come" outside - Back to foot - Field boundaries
- Activity fields (carpet) -Door bell desensitization
- Barking
- Introduction to grooming (clipping claws, bathing, washing ears)

Basic Course II

10 lessons of 1 hour

5 minutes of inter-dog games and learn education while having fun.

- Introduction to walking without a leash
- Gestures
- Jumps while having fun
- The object report in order to run the games.
- Explain the methods of desensitization or immersion in public.

Base III

10 lessons of 1 hour

5 minutes of inter-dog games and learn education while having fun.

- Refinement of gestures and commands;
- Refinement of communication;
- Courses adapted to the specific needs of the clients.

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Breeders, post an ad here

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