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  • Member : Christiane Bédard Royal
  • Location : Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec , Canada
  • Web Site : http://www.royalbengal.ca
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  • Record : Anima-Québec, Chats Canada Cats
  • Recognition : Anima-Québec
  • Certification : Anima-Québec

Cattery Royal Bengal enr.


" Thank you for always communicating with us in French "

We specify that our cattery is registered at "Cats Canada Cats", an association that deals with the genealogy of animals and certified Anima-Quebec. It is also registered in the Québec Business Register. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We want to tell you that the Bengal is a very interesting cat to meet: he is a player, he communicates well with humans, he is intelligent and has a penchant for water. He likes other cats and even dogs. He loves to see the world high (a cat tree would be very popular for your future kitten). It will often be noticed on the highest part of a cat tree, except on the top of the cupboards. Beware of trinkets and plants left in these places!

Sometimes Bengal is thought to be a dog. He is as loyal as him!

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