• Member : Luc Campbell
  • Location : Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec , Canada
  • Phone : 450 888-2000
  • Web Site : https://www.cynodo.com
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CynoDo - Cyno Luc Campbell inc.


Investing in knowledge is investing in one's future.

Since 1989 in the service of the canine world and the improvement of the human/dog bond.

A) New, easy and accessible. You can study wherever there is an Internet connection. New adaptive website and new user-friendly study platform for our students.
B) Personalized professional training. Access to videos filmed in class and training booklets in PDF format. In professional training by Internet, each client receives unlimited access for one year for one computer. Exams are also done via the Internet.
C) Unique professional training. We offer scientific training given by experienced professionals; our teaching gives access to a complete knowledge of the dog. Understanding the dog and its work is more than applying approaches and techniques; it is being able to adapt to each individual case and our school gives access to this level of knowledge. All our teaching material and videos are regularly updated. We have trained thousands of dog handlers.
D) Professional training at a competitive price

Register now: www.cynodo.com

Courses available in french only.


Only true experts stand out and get ahead of the competition.

The professional training CynoDo®, is available at any time by Internet at www.cynodo.com.

Advantages CynoDo® :

Since 1989, thousands of dog handlers have been trained by CynoDo®.
We offer a complete scientific training program to any canine handler.
Each of our professors is a veterinarian or an emeritus professional.
You will learn about the health and major diseases of the dog as well as prevention and care. You will know when it's time to see the veterinarian.
You will learn all about dog training and behaviour. We will give you the tools to prevent, manage and modify behavioural problems.
You will learn about breeding, kennel management, genetics, ethology, psychology, etc...
- All this in the comfort of your home.

No travel, food, babysitting, etc. costs.
No schedule to respect, the management of your study agenda is determined by you. You are your own boss.
Register now: www.cynodo.com

Courses available in french only.

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Breeders, post an ad here

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