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Acquiring an animal is first of all choosing to live your life with it.

  • 17 Dec, 2020
  • The race

Before acquiring an animal, you must ask yourself if your living context, your environment and your availability really allow you to have the time and responsibility for an animal. In other words:

Am I the right person, is this the right time and am I and will I be able to take care of an animal ?

You know, the problem of abandoned animals is real. All too often this situation stems from those who have let themselves be touched because they love animals, and they can't resist the look and the touching gaze of a puppy or kitten, etc. They then bought it quickly without really inquiring about the particularities of the breed of the animal they were acquiring, and without really questioning the responsibility that such an acquisition could represent.

"He's cute, he has beautiful eyes, look at the colour of his hair, the children will be happy, he doesn't bark, I've always wanted one, etc. »

This tenderness and these beautiful qualifiers unfortunately do not guarantee happiness to the person who has been seduced by the beauty or fragility of an animal, nor to the animal itself. For although they are well-intentioned at first, these buyers quickly discover that not all animals have the expected behaviour and that each one requires regular attention, which can often be different for each breed.

Sharing your life with an animal is a life change.

From the outset, it must be remembered that most animals in a new environment do not tolerate loneliness well and often cry even on the first few nights. Then, at a young age, the animals relieve themselves regularly and can thus do damage. Depending on the breed, they can shed more hair and also cause allergic reactions.

In the case of dogs, they may bark more if they have not been well socialized. Also, some breeds of cats meow more than others and they have to do their claws and despite some accessories, they can sometimes do it on furniture. In addition, new owners discover that an animal needs activities, that it is not a stuffed toy, that it needs to go out, to take regular walks, to play with it, that it needs affection and cuddles, to brush it and to make sure it is in good health, which implies, among other things, certain veterinarian fees. They also discover that it is sometimes difficult to travel with their pet, to visit family and friends, to stay, to simply shop or to do certain activities with their pet, because they are not appreciated by everyone, nor accepted everywhere.

Finally, since they had not thought about all of these constraints, well, they unfortunately choose to get rid of them because they had never wanted so many responsibilities or because they simply do not have the time, dedication or even patience to raise an animal well and make it happy. In the end, everyone loses, but we must admit that the biggest loser is the one who has been abandoned...

Still decided?

On the other hand, if you are one of those who would love to share your life with an animal, that nothing of what you have just read above causes you any real worry. Then, you are ready to move on to Step 2, which consists of identifying the animal that suits you first of all by taking into account your lifestyle, your environment and your motivations for acquiring it. Once you've done this, start your research.


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